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Early reviews for Twisted Deception are rolling in and they are 5 stars

Check out just a few early reviews are rating Isabella's Twisted Decepion as a five star read. Watch for it's June 1st release.

"The author’s handling of characterization is superb and the plot is surprising complex for a story that seems to have been simply constructed. The suspenseful tone of the narrative will keep readers longing to know what the end will be like as they turn the pages. Twisted Deception: Love Can Be Dangerous is a great success on many counts."

~ Christian Sia - Readers Favorite

I love authors who transform ordinary experiences into strong plot elements and Isabella seems to do it very well. Her writing is crisp and she has this uncanny gift of transporting readers into the very center of the heart of her characters. Stress and anxiety are obvious in the characters and it seems to fuel the tension that moves the story forward. The conflict is beautiful developed and the masterful use of suspense makes it hard for readers to put down Twisted Deception: Love Can Be Dangerous.

~ Divine Zape

Razor's Edge wins Honorable Mention in the Reader's Favorite Awards

Razor's Edge won an honorable mention in the Reader's Favorite Awards in the cultural category. It debuted to 5 - 5 star reviews from the reviewers at Reader's Favorite. You can read more here. According to Luce, revenge is best served with sake.

The Gate is out & the reviews are Great

Isabella's next book, The Gate is out. A completely different novel from Isabella as she enters the fantasy genre.

Read Chapter One here.
Read Chapter Two here.

Read Chapter Three here.

Isabella - Delivering Award Winning Lesbian Fiction

Isabella is a trailblazing publisher and author in Lesbian Fiction. Four years ago when she wrote her first book, it was rejected by 2 publishers. Isabella's response to that was to launch her own publishing company. Since then she has published 8 additional books and won several writing awards. Her publishing company Sapphire Books now represents over 30 additional authors who have also produced award winning books that reflect the lives of the lesbian community. Click here to read more.

My Next Events

Isabella is going to be at Saints and Sinners in New Orleans - March 23 - 25

Join Isabella in New Orleans for the Saints and Sinners Literature Festival. For more info check it out here.

Isabella will be at Clexacon in Las Vegas - April 5th - 8th

Isabella will be at Clexacon, so stop by and pick her all of her books, or just say hi.

Isabella at the RT Booklover Conference in Reno Nv. May 15th - 20th

Join Isabella at the Peppermil Casino and the popular RT Booklovers Conference. She'll be signing copies of Razor's Edge and The Gate.

Isabella appearing at The Left Coast Lesbian Conference in Palm Springs, Oct. 10th - 14th

Join the growing list of authors and readers as the LCLC host well-known author, Jennifer Fulton as thier keynote speaker. There are only a few rooms left for this intimate and fun event. Check out the website for more details.


Latest Release

The Gate

Valhalla is for warriors that die in battle. What of those who don’t have a hero’s death? Where do they go?

The inter-world is in chaos and has become the heart of the battleground in the war between Paladins and Gatekeepers. Harley doesn’t know it yet, but she’s at ground zero. A night of drinking, to forget a cheating girlfriend, is about to change her life forever. A birthmark—or a birthright—sets her on a direct path to a woman who claims to have known her for centuries. Not ready to accept her Paladin mantel, she needs proof—and that proof is out to destroy her.

A protector by birth, Dawn was bred to preserve the delicate cycle of life and death. Protecting a Paladin is to be mated for eternity, usually without the sex, but Harley’s allure is universally compelling. Harley’s rise in status to The Chosen complicates things further as Dawn finds herself fighting for her own heart, as well as battling her biggest nemesis and brother, Lucius.

Lucius, lord of the Gatekeepers, is out to kill souls moving to their next life. He wants Harley in his corner and he isn’t about to let a little sibling rivalry stand in the way, no matter what it takes.

Harley find herself caught up in Lucius’s tempting promise of power, but cannot shake the soul-tugging love she feels with Dawn. Will Dawn convince Harley in time to embrace her Paladin destiny and save the souls looking for their gate, or will Lucius be able to sway Harley to throw in with the Gatekeepers?

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