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Check out the newest Release from Isabella - Razor's Edge

Razor's Edge debuted to 5 - 5 star reviews from the reviewers at Reader's Favorite. You can read more here. According to Luce, revenge is best served with sake.

Coming soon from Isabella - The Gate

Isabella's next book, The Gate is coming out in October. A completely different novel from Isabella as she enters the fantasy genre.

Isabella - Delivering Award Winning Lesbian Fiction

Isabella is a trailblazing publisher and author in Lesbian Fiction. Four years ago when she wrote her first book, it was rejected by 2 publishers. Isabella's response to that was to launch her own publishing company. Since then she has published 8 additional books and won several writing awards. Her publishing company Sapphire Books now represents 19 additional authors who have also produced award winning books that reflect the lives of the lesbian community. Click here to read more.

My Next Event

Isabella appearing at Literary Adventures at Sea with Olivia Travel

Isabella will on the Olivia Cruise to Alaska at the end of June. If you haven't thought about a cruise, now is a great time to go and be part of this literary adventure as she joins such notables as: Dorthy Alison, Karin Kallmaker, Jennifer Fulton and Lee Lynch. For more info check it out here.

Isabella appearing at GCLS in Chicago July 5th - 9th

Isabella will be at the GCLS conference in Chicago, July 5th - 9th. Get your hands on a copy of her latest, Razor's Edge and meet her and loads of the Sapphire authors.

Isabella appearing at The Left Coast Lesbian Conference in Palm Springs, Oct. 4th - 8th

Join the growing list of authors and readers as the LCLC host well-known author, Jennifer Fulton as thier keynote speaker. There are only a few rooms left for this intimate and fun event. Check out the website for more details.



Latest Release

Razor's Edge

Luce Potter lives by a code of honor. Push her and she shoves back, harder. There’s only one problem: Luce has just found out that revenge is a knife that cuts both ways. Now that her lover Brooke has survived the attack on her life, Luce has only one thing on her mind, and his name is Frank. Unfortunately, someone walks into her life that she didn’t see coming.

Brooke Erickson has survived an attack so brutal it’s left a permanent scar on her soul. All she wants to do now is go home and finish recuperating with her lover, Luce Potter, by her side. An unexpected event puts Brooke at the head of the Yakuza family. Can she command the respect necessary to lead it through the crisis?

Luce and Brooke’s worlds are upending. Can each do what’s necessary to survive and return to a new normal?

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