Isabella - Delivering Award Winning Lesbian Fiction

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Isabella is a trailblazing publisher and author in Lesbian Fiction. Four years ago when she wrote her first book, it was rejected by 2 publishers. Isabella's response to that was to launch her own publishing company. Since then she has published 8 additional books and won several writing awards. Her publishing company Sapphire Books now represents 19 additional authors who have also produced award winning books that reflect the lives of the lesbian community. Sapphire Books publishes romance, erotica, paranormal, mystery and intrigue, fantasy, and other fiction where the main characters are lesbians. When she isn't busy building her publishing company, Isabella teaches at a community college and she lives in California with her wife and three sons. Click here to visit the full article.

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Lesbian Romance Novels Give Readers a Guilty Escape

Friday Feb 27, 2015

When you want to expand your horizons or increase your knowledge, cracking open an impressive tome of literature is just the thing. But when you just want to relax and escape, Christine Svendsen of Sapphire Books Publishing suggests one of the titles she publishes: a wide range of lesbian action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy and romance. Although some women turn up their nose at lowbrow pulp fiction, Svendsen says there is a place for what she considers literary 'junk food': a quick, easy to consume book that lets you escape whatever ails you at the time.

"I think one of the toughest things as a lesbian is to get other lesbians into the market," said Svendsen. "A lot of times they don't realize we have a whole bookcase full of writers telling great stories. There isn't a theme or cause du jour waiting to escape the pages of our books. We're really telling tales of escapism, stories that aren't going to change the world, but will just give you a great ride. Hopefully at the end you enjoyed it and feel good about it." Click here to read more and visit the full article.

Rejection turned Success Interview

For four years Christine Svedson has operated her own publishing company, Sapphire Books. When her first book was rejected by two publishers Christine launched out on her own, turning what could’ve been a devastating blow into ongoing success. She does this along with her position as a community college instructor in California and amazingly still finds time to become an award winning author! What is Sapphire Publishing? My name is Christine Svendsen and I’m the publisher and an author at Sapphire Books Publishing. Sapphire Books is a lesbian publishing company that publishes with lesbians as the main characters. We release about 15 novels a year and are looking forward to growing as lesbian literature becomes more accepted by mainstream readers. How did Sapphire Books get started? I had submitted my first manuscript to two publishers and was rejected by both. One said they weren’t looking for my type of story at that time. The other company wanted me to completely rewrite the story and resubmit. I thought long and hard about rewriting it. After talking to my wife, I decided that I’d try and publish it myself. I researched self-publishing, looked at all the options and decided to start a publishing company. Now, four years later, I have eighteen authors writing for Sapphire Books. I think the biggest obstacle I faced was being taken serious, both as a writer and as a publisher. I won an award for my first book and that started the ball rolling. When we signed Linda Kay Silva, a lot of people started to take notice. I’m proud of the authors in Sapphire who’ve won awards. It shows we’re doing something right. Click here to read more and visit the full article.